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1) Please fill up the form in BLOCK LETTERS. All columns should be properly filled-up
2) The Application for should be submittedto the Divisonal Engineer (Internal) of the concerned Exchange. Click here to see who is the Divisional Engineer  in-charge for the telephone to be surrendered.
3) Telephone connection at the old address will be disconnected only on the date mentioned against Sl. No. 5 of the application
4) Application form for shifting of telephone should be signed by the person in whose name the telephone is working or by the authorised signatory in case it is working in the name of Private / Public Limited Company etc. In case eof partnership concern, all partners are required to sign the shift application form. In the case of change in partnership, copy of revised partnership deed should be enclosed.
5) Application for shifting of telephone within the same exchange are should be submitted to the Divisional Engineer (Internal) of the exchange concerned. In case of Firm/Company/SSI/ Partnership Firm etc., if the telephone is to be shifted  within the same exchange area, the application should be addressed to the Area Deputy General Manager concerned
6) The subscriber should carry with him the telephone instrument and directory to the new place of installation. The phone will be shifted to the new place with existing facilities. Any change required may be made at the new address after installation on proper application from the concerned subscriber.
7) In case of the telephone obtained under SSI category, the shift will be entertained only if the SSI certificate contains the new factory / office address  and a copy of the certificate should be enclosed along with the shift application form.
8) If the telephone is disconnected at the present location for any reason, the same should be got restored first and then only the application for shift should be submitted. If bills are pending for payment, the shifting will be delayed.
9) Subscribers applying for local shift should get their specimen signature attested by a   Bank Manager/Gazetted Officers of State/Central Government/Officers of BSNL.