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Differential Voice/SMS tariffs on festival/customary days:-

Several telecom operators are offering free/discounted calls and SMS Schemes. Such offers are made either as part of regular tariff plans with or without an additional monthly payment, or are offered as packs valid for specified period or as promotional schemes. Some operators are not making available such free/discounted calls/SMS under various plans/packs to customers on certain specified days which happen to be social, cultural/ festival days, known as blackout days.


BSNL has always followed a transparent policy and enabled the consumer to make an informed choice.

 In keeping with the guidelines issued by TRAI regarding 'Black out  days'  on  which free or concessional Voice Calls/SMS offered by it under any plan/package including discounted scheme are not available to mobile customers of BSNL,  BSNL has proposed the following five days as 'Blackout days'

1. New Year Day (1st January)

2. Holi (13th March).

3. Pre-Diwali (17th October).

4. Diwali (18th October).

5. New Year Day Eve (31st December)


Accordingly it is brought to the notice of our esteemed customers that concessional voice calls/SMS are not made available to BSNL Mobile customers on the above days and to be more specific:

1. For all 2G/3G plans which are offered with initial freebies and monthly freebies on voice and SMS,  the concession on voice calls/SMS will be not be available on these days and will  charged on these days.

2. The reduced tariff on Voice/SMS made available on use of boosters/STVs will be withdrawn and parent plan charging will be applied on these days.

3. Reduced tariff on calls offered during off-peak hours for plans like Student,  En-Nanban  etc. will be withdrawn and parent plan charging will be applied on these days

4. Reduced tariff on calls under FNF, FFL, FCD also will be charged as per parent tariff plan.

The concessions on voice calls / SMS that are available to the customers by virtue of their being in  a particular plan or by the use of Boosters/ Special Tariff Vouchers would be available on all other days except the Black Out days.