(A Government of India Enterprise)

Promotional offer of FREE 310MB data under prepaid mobile services

 It is hereby conveyed that the Promotional Offer of FREE  310 MB data (to be used in first 30 days) will be given

(1) for each New Prepaid Connection and

(2) for Customers Migrating using Plan Voucher during the period from 01.03.2017 to 29.05.2017.

The Prepaid plans, wherein less than 310 MB free data is given, shall be offered additional   freebies in the above scheme to make the total freebies equal to 310 MB data.

However, if any plan offers free data more than 310 MB, they will continue to get the same  freebies without any change.

In case of Nesam Gold Plan, since the freebies have validity of 15 days, the Free 310 MB Data will have validity of 15 days only.


  • All other terms and conditions would remain same.